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Do You Need New Flooring In Newcastle?

Newcastle Parquet Flooring can help you to improve your home. At some point while improving your home, you will have to make choices as to what options to go with when it comes to flooring. Concrete, carpet, and tile are the most likely options you will come across first, but bearing in mind that we all want a smart, beautiful, durable, and least expensive flooring option, parquet flooring is another option you will want to give a closer look.


Parqueterie, from which the word “Parquet” was derived from, is a French word, and as you can guess, this type of flooring has its origins in France. It’s associated with the Grand Trianon and Versailles and dates back to mid-late 1600s, a time in history that came to be known as the Baroque Period.

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This type of wood flooring is made from tiny strips or blocks  organized in a way that they create a consistent and geometric pattern. Triangles, rectangles, squares, and lozenges are the popular decorative shapes featured in its designs.

However, if you would love a more advanced look, there are plenty of other patterns you can opt for, including chevron patterns or the classic herringbone. 

These days we can now use various species of wood, from walnut, oak, and pine to maple, lime, beech, and many others. Oak remains a popular option among many homeowners due to easy installation and its ability not to split right away.

Pine wood is another well-known option and it stands out because of its stripe and swirl designs, together with the numerous shades it tags along: brown, tan, and, dark yellow.

Originally the flooring was only made from 100% solid wood, but today, the flooring can be created out of engineered wood as well. Solid wood means that the flooring is made out of solid slices of timber while with the latter, the flooring consists of layers from different types of woods topped by hardwood.

Common design options associated with solid hardwood flooring include:

  • The solid parquet
  • The laminate
  • The lamparquet
  • The mosaic
  • Bamboo

From the surface, it’s difficult to tell which option (between solid wood and engineered wood) was used because both lead to the same outcome when it comes it to looks.

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Is Installation Difficult?

You will love your new floor... and this is why:

  1. How Easy Is Installation

Of all solid hardwood flooring, this is the only type of floor that compares to tiles when it comes to ease of installation. No nailing is needed; just a cold adhesive and in an hour, your floor will be ready for use.

  1. How Will It Look?

Putting together pieces of wood and organizing them into unique patterns gives you a stunning 3D appearance.  

  1. Healthy and Durable

Parquet wood is the friendly option to those who are sensitive to dust and suffer allergies as a result of it, or have conditions such as asthma. Besides, it’s more durable and can withstand stains and spills.

  1. Is It Easy To Clean and Maintain

Unlike with many of the floor types, such as tiles, where you require a wet mop to clean out dust and other forms of dirt, this floor can be cleaned with just a damp mop, or a vacuum cleaner. Once the floor begins to show signs of wearing out or damages, you can restore its glamour through light standing which is usually followed by varnishing.


Most common uses include in bedrooms, lobby, living room, offices (meeting rooms and conference halls), gyms, and hallways. However, if you are unsure where to install a wood parquet floor in your property, ask yourself why such type of flooring would be appropriate for you.

In the event you want to have this type of floor installed in your kitchen or bathroom, you will have to put a few things into consideration. First, you will require parquets that are not only moisture resistant but also durable. Examples include bamboo and Brazilian cherry, both of which are known to be hydrophobic in nature.

Like we mentioned earlier, many prefer this type of flooring for the reason that it’s warm and friendly to the feet and also a better replacement to tiles.

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Why You Need A Professional?

Installing is a task best done by a professional or an experienced DIY-er. Usually, there’s a couple of tasks involved before one finally glues the flooring down. For instance, the moisture level of the sub-floor base has to be determined. If it’s above 5%, that’s a cause for concern.

Also, the surface onto which the wood is to be laid has to be levelled in order to avoid having to deal with many gaps during the installation. Normally, there may be some small gaps after sanding, but they are usually filled with resign plus sawdust and then the floor is re-sanded again.

Previously, the floor would be laid using hot bitumen, but with advancement in technique and technology, cold adhesive has taken over its place. That said, it’s important to recognize that, just like every other important home investment, parquet flooring deserves to be done in the best way possible. And this is why.

If it’s laid well, your place will be beautiful, comfortable, and worth the sacrifice, but if it’s laid badly, the place in question will be unsightly, not to mention that you will have to part with extra money to have the whole process re-done.

The Benefits Of Newcastle Parquet Flooring Service


So that is one of the many other major reasons why you should seek the help of a professional. And when you do, insist on viewing some of the previous work they’ve done.

In fact, if possible, let them point you to one or two of their previous clients as that is the best way to know more about a professional, besides their workmanship.

We pride in having a skilled, qualified, and friendly team of staff who bring their rich experience and professionalism into every task assigned to them.

We also understand that surroundings, special needs, tastes, and preferences all play a major role in deciding which parquet floor is best for you and that’s why we provide bespoke fitting services and only use high-quality wood that meets the industry’s standards.

Talks to us anytime and we’ll be glad to listen and offer proper solutions to your concerns

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