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What is the Benefits of Parquet Wood Flooring in Newcastle

Parquet wood flooring is the current trend. A lot of homeowners are opting for this type of flooring typically for their bedrooms. It features a traditional and attractive appeal to these areas of the house.

If you are still undecided on where you want to put parquet wood for your flooring, you can assess why you are choosing parquet wood in the first place. You can ask yourself why wood seems to be the suitable choice? Actually, parquet wood flooring is great provided you know where you will put it.

For most homeowners, block flooring is suitable for certain areas in the house like the lobby, living room, bedroom and even the entrance hallway. You can opt for any material for the flooring but many find these as the best places to put whatever type of parquet you prefer.

If you want to put parquet on your bathroom or kitchen, you need to think this over. It is best go for parquets that are durable and moisture resistant. You can choose from Brazilian cherry or bamboo since they are noted as hydrophic in nature. This means, they can survive longer as compared to other types of wood in humid areas.

Wood parquet flooring also works best in offices. Many find it great in conference halls and meeting rooms. They add a unique appeal to the room.

Benefits you can achieve if you opt for parquet flooring include cleaning, selling and even health benefits. Parquet is very easy to clean. You only need to mop them gently. If you are planning to sell the house later on, hardwood flooring can draw in extra amounts. If you have allergy or asthma, parquet wood can help you steer clear of dust.

Parquet wood flooring also comes in various patterns and designs. They vary in color and pattern. The most popular is oak but it also varies from light to dark schemes. The most common is actually red oak. Oak wood is also adored because they can be easily installed and they don’t split right away. For pine wood, this comes in swirl and stripe designs along with various shades like browns, tans as well as dark yellows.

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