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Why is Parquet Flooring Preferable to Other Floorings

The humanistic approach for flooring houses has increased to a great extent. We have so many ideas about installing floors. The best option for this purpose is now parquet flooring. The distinction is because of application of smaller pieces of wood arranged in a decorative pattern. If you intend to use such flooring that is self-tick, parquet flooring will be your choice. Parquet flooring was introduced long ago, probably in the seventeenth century.

Since it is concerned with the scraps of wood, so it is very easy to install. No fixing equipment like hammers, nails, etc. is needed. The size of pieces of wood is small enough to handle them conveniently. It has a soft, sleek and easy cut. Due to multi-piece construction, we can make the appearance more captivating.

Parquet flooring can be installed at any of the angles, straight or perpendicular. That’s why, it gets a fascinating look. It seems as the mosaic of wood pieces has been used. Geometric style of placing pieces of wood puts a decorative effect. While installation, if you want to turn the parquet flooring as you desire, then you can hire the services of a good and efficient contractor. You will be lucky to have a skilled artisan to attain a lustrous and three dimensional look.

The types of wood for parquet flooring are pine, walnut, cherry, lime, oak and bamboo. We can keep its maintenance easily. Parquet floors can be mopped instead of using vacuum cleaners. This is because; there is nothing for the dust particles to hold onto it.

Moreover, vacuum cleaners can scratch and cause wear and tear. Anyhow, scratching can be repaired by applying floor wax. Other than the dust particles, if some liquid spills on it, that can be wiped off easily. Parquet floors are long lasting as well.

The use of parquet floors at the domestic level is better than crowded halls. It absorbs less sounds. Since we feel warmer under foot, so these are preferably used in bedrooms.

You have two choices for parquet flooring with respect to cost. If you want to use an expensive one, solid parquet can be applied. In other case, you can get quite affordable panel parquet. Parquet flooring is thinner as compared to other floorings. However, a lot of sanding should be avoided. Instead, sanding should be applied gently.

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